10 November 2006

I'm speechless... and amazed

That this lunatic and his equally irrational lawyer thought they could justify this in a Canadian Courtroom.

On the other hand, the Liberal Court Challenge Program gave the vote to Paul Bernardo & Clifford Olsen.. so who knows?

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Allah made me do it

The Supreme Court of Canada declined an invitation on Thursday to consider whether Muslim cultural and religious beliefs in ‘’family honour'’ should be taken into account as justification for receiving a lighter sentence for killing an unfaithful wife.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, halls of macadamia for highlighting this absurd legal situation. The SCC "declined an invitation to consider." Seems the matter should be resolved in short order given the every and all future ramifications going forward in similar cases.

Given the separation of church and state, sharia law should be off the table within our borders.

Neo Conservative said...

i had some anxious moments when the ontario liberals were considering implementing 'sharia law' in a selective muslim context in ontario.

fortunately mcguinty came to his senses momentarily... and shut this initiative down.

if you read mark steyn's excellent book 'america alone' he calls this phenomena 'creeping sharia'.