28 November 2006


*** The Auditor-General highlights your Liberal Party. ***

Here's a good one.

Treaty negotiations with First Nations in British Columbia badly bogged down, with not a single treaty signed as costs skyrocket to $426-million since 1993.
Remember that number the next time you think about all the Liberal majority governments since, well, whaddaya know... 1993.

Not recommended reading on a full stomach.

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Anonymous said...

$426 million dollars for nothing. The people who got that money from our pockets and put it in their pockets? Definitely desperately wanted suckers to vote for the Liberal Party of Toronto. Liberal voters turn Canada into a nation of suckers.

canuckistanian said...

apparently, you don't understand where that money went and where it will continue to go under the current gov't. this is not a partisan issue. the federal gov't has been opposing land claims and treaties in BC and elsewhere forever...b/c it is in the federal gov'ts interest to do so. if you are for first nations rights and for increased power for first nations, then you should decry this. however, if you are using this as a partisan tool to attack liberals, then you are being ignorant, as this will continue under the conservatives. this is a bi-partisan issue.

Neo Conservative said...

no canuck... it's you who don't get it. hundreds of millions of dollars pissed away into the ether and i, like many canadians can't even get a family doctor.

the libs, despite their majority governments were concerned only with enriching their friends... like jane stewart who gets $300,000 for "not solving" caledonia for her buddy dalton.

400 million for cancer research would have saved how many lives?

don't get me started on the 2 billion dollar farmer bob rifle registry.

james higham said...

What is all this 'treaty with First Nations'? I understand what the words mean but ---- why?

Neo Conservative said...

james... it's about having a separate system of justice for this particular "nation"... (you know how everyone is beautiful, in their own way), rather than one country, one law, one people.

quebec is also apparently now a nation. watch for more outstretched hands demanding money to further their nationhood.

there is a moonbat "protest industry" that saps hundreds of billions of dollars out of taxpayer monies that should be funding education, health care and our children's future.

mostly, it's liberal connected law firms that benefit from this stuff.

i fear for our future.