12 November 2006

The Party of Polls

The Liberal party loves polls. They love spending taxpayer money on polls.

Perhaps if they didn't cherrypick which polls they really loved, they'd learn something valuable.

While the question has spawned a predictable blizzard of spin from the various Liberal leadership camps, they are all in for a cold shower from a new SES Research public opinion poll conducted this past week for Sun Media.

The SES-Sun poll asked Canadians from across the country how they voted in the last election, and which of the four front-running leadership candidates would make them more inclined — or less — to support the Liberals on the next federal ballot.
Turns out none of these guys are setting the world on fire. When your leadership slate includes Scott "Blackberry" Brison and Joe "Dirty Tricks" Volpe, it tends to dampen voter enthusiasm a little. It looks like all they've really got for ammunition, is that tired, old, scary Conservative agenda hype.

That may not be the best strategy, now that Canadians have had a chance to see Stephen Harper in action.

Greg Weston sums it up for us.
Bottom line: A party that runs its B Team for the leadership shouldn’t be shocked to be second with voters.

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Harper, The wrong guy at the right time said...

I'll believe it when i see it.
To bad we have Harper
4 teams on the left to vote split and we still didnt win a majority.

Remember its hard to take global and sun polls seriously they always seem to be proven wrong.

Neo Conservative said...

funny... i was thinking the same thing about all the slanted ctv polls that were looking for the loony left slamdunk... and things went the opposite way.

the conservatives will be fine as long as the party of pork continues to embarrass itself.

Anonymous said...

Hey , did anyone see Ralf Klien comment on Belinda Stronach not having a conservative bone in her body , well , maybe one.

I thought that remark was quite appropriate because it is normal behaviour to give a Dog a bone.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm afraid ralph's about as subtle as an ice-water enema... my personal favourite is 'belinda strumpet'