13 November 2006

Cherrypicking the news

What the Star left out of the Le Devoir column.

My translation... With its debate about recognizing Quebec as a nation skidding into the ditch, the Liberal Party of Canada is in the process of letting its last best chance of escaping its isolation in Quebec slip through its fingertips.
via Norman Spector

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Gabby in QC said...

Susan Delacourt writes in the Nov 11 Star: "A long-time Ontario Tory organizer fretted that a discussion over limiting the federal spending power could constitute a "potential breaking point" within the party ..."

I wonder if that organizer Ms Delacourt is referring to is Carol Jamieson - remember her? She's the one who started a campaign in Sept 2005 to dump Mr Harper as leader of the CPC. She wrote:
"The time has come for Stephen Harper to stop dreaming that his destiny is 24 Sussex Drive. That day will only come if one of its residents invites him over because they are looking for a stick-in-the-mud dinner guest."

Are Susan Delacourt's sources as reliable as Ms Jameson's predictions?

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile stephen harper just chugs merrily away... continuing to actually do things, instead of talking about doing things, or scheming to line his pockets at taxpayer expense.

no wonder the libs are losing their minds.