28 November 2006

They will be remembered

Two more Canadian soldiers made the supreme sacrifice.

Sgt. Major Bobby Girouard, 46, had been a soldier for 29 years before his latest stint in Afghanistan, said his brother Peter Girouard from the soldier's hometown of Bathurst.

Girouard and Chief Warrant Officer Albert Storm were in an armoured personnel carrier when a civilian vehicle drove alongside and detonated explosives.

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KristinB said...

Yes they will. Thank you for posting this. I hadnt the words to post it on my blog...so answering any I see in my online travels.
My condolences to each family and their outreach of friends and associates.

Pray that our Prime Minister has success with the Nato meetings in Latvia in getting other countries to take off the caveat restrictions and step up to the plate.

Neo Conservative said...

unlike taliban jack... these guys don't bitch and whine about doing the right thing. they put their lives on the line for an ideal.

and i admire the shit outta that.