27 November 2006

Smart, funny and legs that go all the way down to the ground

Sorry... this post isn't about scantily clad babes on so-called 'reality tv'... it's about "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

If you enjoy bang-bang dialogue and plot that actually has a point, you'll like this show... if not, just keep it tuned to "tv lite".

Wes: We're eating worms for money. "Who Wants To Screw My Sister?" Guys are getting killed in a war that's got theme music and a logo? That remote in your hand is a crack pipe.

Jack: The remark about worm eating and "Who Wants To Screw My Sister"? He was talking about our shows?

Michael: We don't know.

Jordan chuckles.

Jack: Is there something funny about this, Jordan?

Jordan: Oh God, Jack, there's like seven things funny about this.
We're not even sure which sister-pimping show he was talking about.

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