23 November 2006

Get Piggy with Iggy

For a while Michael Ignatieff seemed to be bucking that infamous Liberal character flaw.... elasticity of conscience.

He seemed determined to stand on principles, as unpopular as they might prove to be. He took ownership of his ideas.

Of course, as the going gets a little tougher, he panics and starts to thrash around a little.

Early Wednesday afternoon in a round-table discussion with The Canadian Press, Ignatieff was emphatic that a controversial internal Liberal party resolution to recognize Quebec as a nation was not his idea.

"Just so it's clear, for the 20th time, the (Quebec) resolution was not initiated by the Ignatieff camp,'' he said. "It was initiated by people who support a range of candidacies.''

At that point in the day, the concept was clearly dividing the Liberal caucus and was a potential political liability.
Finally though... after trying all day to dog-paddle between the perilous sharks of public opinion, he nails that 180 degree Liberal flip-flop like he's been doing it all his life.
By late Wednesday, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper's surprise announcement that he'd introduce a Commons motion to recognize Quebecers as a nation within a united Canada, Ignatieff had begun to change his tune.

By Thursday morning, Ignatieff was firmly planting his flag in the initiative.

"It really did start with us, in the leadership campaign, going into small towns in Quebec, reaching out, listening to Quebecers...," he told CTV's Canada-AM. .''
Good grief.

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