14 November 2006

Religion of Rest in Pieces

How screwed up is Iraq?

POLICE around the Iraqi capital found 46 bullet-riddled corpses, many of them tortured, of men shot to death in apparent sectarian attacks, a security source said.
And that's not even the big news story today.

It's kind of telling when even the Prime Minister apparently chooses sectarian warfare over democratic rule.

It now appears that the mass kidnapping of a hundred or so employees from a scientific research institute was orchestrated by interior ministry militiamen... in other words, the police.
The raid on a higher education ministry building in a normally peaceful area of the capital came as Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki faced growing criticism from his US backers for not doing more to rein in Shiite militias with alleged links to the security forces.
This sad excuse for a leader, Nuri al-Maliki must feel as though he is untouchable... he makes no secret of his sympathies.
Mr Maliki has previously ordered US commanders to rein in planned operations against Shiite militia strongholds, including a proposed assault on Sadr City, Baghdad's most populous Shiite neighbourhood, where militiamen were believed to be holding an abducted US soldier.
What it boils down to is that these guys are so pissed off with the Sunni version of Islam, they're determined to send them all on to Allah forthwith. And if they're willing to squash other Muslims like ants at a picnic, what are they gonna do to infidels like you... and me.

My question is... where have they got all the sane people hidden away?

UPDATE: Oh, oh... the O.J. Defense again, not a great sign
"What happened was not terrorism, rather it was due to dispute and conflict between militias from one side or another," Maliki said in televised remarks. He later said the government's response had been strong and vowed to catch those responsible.

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Alberta Girl said...

Interesting - if this is truly the case then my mind just did a 360 in any support for helping bring some semblence of peace and democracy to that region.

I will be listening and watching for more.

Neo Conservative said...

corruption and tribal loyalties are a hallmark of arab & indeed most third-world nations. look at post-apartheid south africa... the rape and murder capital of the world.

i guess i had hoped that we weren't doing the politically correct spoon-feeding thing in iraq and afghanistan.

sounds like we're still catering to the local sensibilities, to the detriment of accomplishing anything.

read 'america alone' by mark steyn and you'll understand what is at stake here. pulling out now is NOT the solution.

these folks need to be yanked out of the 'medieval theocracy' mindset and into the present day democratic world.

William E. Demers said...

I am a strong believer that all men and women on this planet deserve the same level of dignity, freedom and ability to self-govern as any Western liberal democracy. Tragically, there are many people in both Afghanistan and Iraq who have been participating in their democratic system, but who are being pressured violently to withdraw said participation and to join the insurgency effort or the tribal wars that are taking place.

There were more Iraqis and Afghanis that voted in their elections than Canadians or Americans, if my understanding was correct... so there is a desire to participate in the process. The issue, however, lies in the fact that there are a bunch of religious radicals who hate democracy and everything it stands for. Until these nutjobs are dealt with, there will be no peace in the Middle East.

But is this even possible? We'll see...

Neo Conservative said...

will... a noble sentiment.

unfortunately what people deserve and what they are served up by their fellow, in this case, muslim... are two different things.

what you see as 'being violently pressured' is business as usual in most arab and unfortunately, most islamic states.

as regards voting, record numbers of shiite iraqis turned out, to make sure that sunni iraqis were at the bottom of the scrotum pole.

not content with a majority in government, they are handing out bloody payback to the minority sunnis who, under saddam, had been dealing death to, well... you get the picture.

what they need is a separation of church and state. not an easy goal in iraq, as islam is both church and state.

two choices.

we stay the course, or hand it back to the iraqis... who have their own darwinian solution.