25 November 2006

A resister without a war

Here's a riddle for you... "How can you be a conscientious objector, if you were never in line for a combat post?"

I guess you could try asking Francisco Juarez.

"What is a war resister?" he asks. "How do we define a war resister? Certainly some people say you have to be in a situation where you are going to be sent and then you refuse.
Yeah, that'd be the way normal people see it, but apparently it's a minority opinion in whatever parallel universe Francisco currently resides.

Of course none of that matters to the lunatic left.
Since then, he has become a poster boy for peace, applauded in the press for his refusal "to train for the Afghan campaign."

To the military's chagrin, most reports have failed to mention the obvious fact: Juarez was never bound for the war he now claims to resist.
This non-hacking, cowardly impostor was very briefly in the Reserves, which means he would have had to step up & volunteer to be sent to Afghanistan. Not only did he not volunteer, he didn't even finish basic training.
Part-time soldiers cannot be forced to deploy; they must volunteer. Juarez insists he intended to sign up for a tour by 2009... He became so disillusioned that during a training course in New Brunswick he simply refused to participate, citing personal and family reasons. But he never mentioned Afghanistan.
So there you have it.

Another moonbat legend masquerading as "the truth".

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