10 November 2006

There's just one problem

It's called the Senate.

So, the Conservatives put together a bill that directly addresses the failure of the government to be accountable to the citizenry... and what happens?

The Liberal dominated Senate has 150 things it doesn't like about the Federal Accountability Act.

That's right... 150 amendments, at least one of which coincidentally, puts more taxpayer money in the Liberal Party's apparently bottomless pockets.

The Liberals approved amendments that increase the maximum political donation from the proposed $1,000 cap by the government to $2,000. The Conservatives have accused the Grits of holding up the bill to maintain the current $5,400 limit for their upcoming political convention.

As well, the Liberal senators have rejected the government’s wish to create one ethics commissioner for both houses rather than continuing to have a separate one for the red chamber.
These unelected windbags from the Retirement Home for Political Hacks & Bagmen have more nerve than Dick Tracy.
The Liberal senator said the legislation reflects the new government’s current culture of distrust that revolves around “naming, blaming and shaming.”
Good grief... let's get rid of these grifters.

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Ontario Lad said...

I would say "fine, you want to gut and act that deals with accountability? Lets take it to the people and see what THEY think of that."

Neo Conservative said...

that's certainly an option. i would choose to make the get-tough-on-crime bill a confidence matter and roll the dice on that particular issue and then the original unamended "accountability act".

Phil Primeau said...

What is it with Liberals and their innability to accept efficiency. The same thing is happening with this story.

Defend Canada

Neo Conservative said...

phil... we're on the same page here.

a liberal government isn't about efficiency or public service.

it's about enriching yourself and your friends at the expense of taxpayers.