27 November 2006

Religion of Peace Update

Chalk up three more for Allah.

A suicide car bomber blew attacked a convoy of foreign troops in southern Afghanistan on Monday, killing two Canadian soldiers and an Afghan civilian, police said.
Hmmmm... what's that sound I don't hear?

Yeah... that's it. The sound of Canadian Muslims speaking up about the mass murder in Iraq & Afghanistan these last couple of days.

I guess after the six Sunni Muslims were burned alive the other day... by their Shiite brothers incidentally... this is really small potatoes.

UPDATE: Were there really crispy critters?

It's possible the story of 6 Sunni Muslims burned alive was a clever propaganda operation... designed to make Sunnis insane with rage, mind you, so that they would go out and murder some more Shiites. The MSM apparently relies on Iraqi stringers & sources for a lot of their "news".
As you see in FA’s last update,Centcom tells FA that they’re investigating who the hell Jamil Hussein is…if there even is a Jamil Hussein. For all we know this could be Ayman Al-Zawahiri calling up the AP to give his version of events.
The rest of the report, about two of our soldiers, was unfortunately, very real.

h/t Kate

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Anonymous said...

Damn savages.

William E. Demers said...

It's unfortunate. I like to hope that we are able to show their younger generations that they do not have to be the slaves of a religion, but I suppose only time will tell.