27 November 2006

Never mind that stupid Darfur thing

*** That's only about people. ***

After an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu at a farm in South Korea, authorities say they plan to cull cats, dogs and pigs to stem the spread of the virus.
I can imagine the swell of international outrage after this thing hits the 6 o'clock news. Don't get me wrong... I'm not a dog hater. I just think human life should take some sort of priority.

Let's not even get into the billions of dollars people spend on pet food, pet toys and vet bills... while genocide and hunger kill millions of people all around this screwed up planet.

The real priority is new, chemically beefier milkbones for Rover.

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Wil Robinson said...

Good point about Darfur...

I think if we had people as devoted to protecting human life as members of PETA are about protecting animals we'd be btter off.

Neo Conservative said...

read mark steyn's "america alone" about the freakazoids who think putting a "free tibet" bumpersticker on their car, does anything to further the fight for social justice.