23 November 2006

This can't be a good sign

Turns out the Iranian Islamic bomb thing may dissol.... er, resolve itself.

Maybe it's just me, but if you're foolin' around with nuclear fission, shouldn't you already know how it works?

Tehran & Vienna: Iran said on Thursday it would like technical aid from the UN atomic watchdog for its Arak heavy water reactor but would press ahead even if its request was eventually rejected.
Turns out being a little light on the nuclear physics side of things, isn't going to slow Iran down much at all. Tell me this situation isn't a metaphor for the whole middle-east geopolitical hootenanny.
In a compromise hammered out in negotiations ahead of the IAEA board meeting, Iranian requests for IAEA technical assistance on seven other nuclear energy projects judged not to pose a risk of being diverted to bomb-making were approved by the governors.
UPDATE: A bright, nay... glowing future
"We had just given thanks to Allah for this glorious means to destroy the Great Satan once and for all, when sub-lieutenant Mahmoud Ghassan asked, 'So, what's the next step?'" Akhtar said.

"I was at a loss."

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james higham said...

It leaves you with a white face. They couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag and they're playing with nuclear fission or fusion or whatever?

Neo Conservative said...

i remember when I was a kid, if somebody was having a hard time with what should have been a simple task, you'd say, "c'mon, we're not exactly splitting atoms here."

i'm not sure i'd want to live downwind of the iranian equivalent of 'lawrence livermore'.