28 May 2010

And Shakespeare wept

Remember when you were a kid... and grown-ups encouraged you to express... your inner gangsta?
>>>>>suckass politcal correctnessYeah... me neither.

But hells bells... that ain't gonna stop anybody...
Can watching theatre really deter youths from joining gangs? The Toronto Police Services Board thinks so, and gave the theatre company a $30,000 grant to create DISS.
Hang on, Sgt. Stedanko... that'd actually be taxpayer benjamins, right?

I think I wanna have a few words with the "Social Media Relations Officer".


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...when you really need one...
A 19-year-old man arrested in connection with a shooting that injured two young girls in Winnipeg's West End was involved in a shooting death two years ago.

CBC News is not naming the man, in order to report on the previous incident, which happened when he was a youth.

He was charged Friday with attempted murder and several weapons-related offences for two shooting incidents that occurred this week.
Wonder what they'll plead it down to this time.