15 May 2010

Karla Syndrome

We keep letting these freaks back out into the larger field of folk... we have no one to blame but ourselves...
A hot-headed killer who bludgeoned a former co-worker to death — four years after finishing a 14-year prison term for another homicide — has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Scheniman pleaded guilty in April to the lesser offence of second-degree murder in the June 17, 2009, killing of Jimmy Anderson, who was in his 40s.

He was denied parole five times after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the August 1990 killing of fellow drifter Stanley Simon George, 27.
And, make no mistake... Ontario's "catch and release" program is in full flower...
The Bedroom Strangler, Russell Johnson, Ontario’s worst serial killer has set his sights on freedom.

Now 62, the sexual sadist and necrophiliac is back before the Ontario Review Board, as he has been many times before, seeking a transfer to the medium-security Brockville Psychiatric Hospital, the gateway to his eventual release into society.
Two walking, talking arguments for reinstatement of the death penalty.

C'mon Canada... wake up and smell the homicidal maniacs.