11 May 2010

Proceed at Own Risk

So much for artistic freedom in the emerging Caliphate of Sweden...
-- STOCKHOLM -- A Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog was assaulted Tuesday as angry protesters interrupted his university lecture about the limits of artistic freedom.

"A man ran up and threw himself over me. I was head-butted and my glasses were broken," Vilks said.

Many of them stormed the front of the room after the attack and clashed with security guards as Vilks was pulled away into a separate room.
Hey, look... there's a cash incentive for giving ol' Lars his "just desserts".
On September 15, AP published that a reward of USD $100,000 from Al-Qaida to the one who murders Lars Vilks was issued. Also a reward for a murder on the chief editor of Nerikes Allehanda was issued.
No word yet on what a mere "Glasgie" is worth.


"it appears Christian Sweden suffers from Stockholm Syndrome."
I can't wait for Ann Coulter's take on this.