13 May 2010

Professional Journalists

Yet again -
halls of macadamia/- our moral & intellectual superiors blaze the way.

I especially like the 24/7 President McDreamy news...
The president made a surprise lunch stop to dine on the local delicacy at Duff's Famous Wings.

Said Obama: "This is the wing capital."

I miss actual news. And when I want "offbeat"... or just "not news"... I head for the blogosphere, which invariably does it way, way better...
I offered to review the GoateeSaver if they sent me one, and they went for it. It showed up a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the balls to try it until this past weekend.

Basically, you jam it into your mouth and bite down on it, then shave around it. A drunk guy could do it. (Which, incidentally, brings up how I actually had the nerve to try it.)
See what I mean?