17 May 2010

The Liberal Party of Canada

...kissin' up to the Khadrs... and yes, unbelievably... championing the rights of a serial killer...
“The reality here is a simple call made by the Canadian government, through its minister of foreign affairs, to the governor would likely have the effect of sparing Mr. Smith’s life.”
Yeah, Dan... I think most Canadians actually realise that...
halls of macadamia/They just don't think it's a particularly good idea.


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...knock, knock... who's there?
A 16-year-old boy was shot in the face and killed in Toronto's west end early this morning.

The teen was shot around 2 a.m. when he opened the front door to his apartment in a low-rise building on Eglinton Ave. W. near Keele St., Toronto Police said.

The sixteen year-old is “well-known to police,” according to CP24.
Yeah, memo to Liberal Party of Canada... bringing more killers back to Canada... that's just what we need.


UPDATE: Victim identified... sorta
Friends identified the dead teen as Devante, who was known on the street as Bugzee. Friends told CTV Toronto that Devante was spending the night with his girlfriend in an apartment above the store.
Funny how, these days... a "cool street name" so often equals a cold body.