27 May 2010

Never a rubber bullet around...

...when you really, really need one...
For University of Toronto adjunct professor Peter Rosenthal, a lawyer who has participated in several trials involving Taser deployments, anything that can stun people or crowds should be considered dangerous.
Hey, Peter... you mean like Michael Ignatieff trying to explain why MP's shouldn't have to make their office budgets public?

Yup... this infernal device oughta scare the crap outta anybody who's never been to a rock concert.

Hmmm... Peter Rosenthal... that sounds so familiar... isn't that the guy who represents uber-spokes-native Shawn Brant?
"Peter Rosenthal, a Toronto-based social justice lawyer representing Brant, argued that conditions now are different from when Brant agreed on May 3 not to plan or participate in illegal protests."
Nice to know the "Red Star" has all these impartial experts at their fingertips, huh?