12 May 2010

It's not piracy... apparently it's all about...

...saving the planet...
The spokesman condemned the action of the Russian navy “our men never hurt their hostages, we simply want foreign ships to stop overfishing in our waters."

"If they are not happy to respect our-fishermen and their livelihood, we have no choice but to take hostage to compensate for the losses,” he cited.
And... as if crimes against nature weren't enough... Pirate Central decided to also play the race card..
“We condemn the action of the Russians, it’s driven by racism and hate for black people and Africa, it’s the face of the new Russia."
Yeah... especially those pesky black people with automatic weapons who attack Russian assets & Russian citizens. Weird, huh?
"In future, if we capture Russians they will meet the same fate as those they executed,” he added.
Of course... getting right up in Vladimir Putin's face... there's a game-winning, life-enhancing strategy.

Save the whales while you can, dufus... I think you just put yourself on someone's "endangered occupations" list