31 May 2010

That's why they call it war...

...and not "Circle of Friends"...
Senior Israeli defence officials said 10 activists died on the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish cruise ship carrying 581 people, after commandos came under fire, including with weapons that the activists had snatched from the boarding party.

Earlier, the military said "more than 10 demonstrators" were killed, while Israeli media had briefly spoken of up to 19 dead.
Funny though... most media outlets, unlike the National Post, don't seem to be showing both sides of the story...
Video from the convoy apparently showed a commando shinning down a rope and clashing with a man wielding a stick. Israeli television showed an activist apparently stabbing a soldier.

One commando told reporters that he came under fire and was attacked with metal bars and knives as he came down onto a ship from a helicopter around 4 a.m. Some activists, speaking Arabic, tried to take marines hostage.
Gotta hand it to the Pals... an incredibly successful "martyrdom operation"... this time, without even blowing themselves... or the usual quotient of innocent bystanders... up.
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Although drone strikes have killed more than a dozen Qaeda and Taliban leaders, they have incinerated hundreds of civilians, including women and children.
When do you think President McDreamy is gonna get put on trial for "war crimes"... for his egregious violations of Pakistani sovereignty and the Geneva Convention?


LAST WORD: Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
"This use of violence against the free press is brought to you by you, the Canadian taxpayer."
Coming soon... to a neighbourhood near you.
Of course, when Robert Heinlein said, "An armed society is a polite society" he was -- like all libertarians, and this is the flaw in their theories -- thinking of an Anglo-Saxon society populated by individuals who were all as intelligent and rational as Robert Heinlein.

And that does not describe the City of Toronto.
Don't say you weren't warned.