15 May 2010

Tidal wave of Canadian intolerance

Seems those hordes of "homegrown" basement Nazis... well, they don't actually, uh... exist...
"Years ago, when I chaired B'nai Brith Canada's League for Human Rights, we also did public opinion surveys of racism and antisemitism in Canada. They enabled us to say that the incidents were not the whole story."

"In fact, when I testified before a Senate Committee, I pointed out that antisemitism was declining in Canada and that the more dramatic incidents seemed to be connected to new Canadians, or their offspring, who arrived with the baggage of antisemitism."
Geez... has anybody mentioned this to Warren Kinsella?


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Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. If you're wondering what those countries might have in common, keep wondering.

No words beginning with "I-" and ending with "-slam" passed the director's lips.
Hope, change and... nyah-nyah-nyah I can't hear you.


LAST WORD: Whither the CJC?
"The CJC sounds like I do when I'm trying to do anything to avoid doing real work -- you know, sort the fridge alphabetically, iron some blue jeans, write on my blog, etc. It's why I've deleted freecell from my computer."
Bernie... maybe it's time, huh?