26 May 2010

Gotta have priorities I guess

“Human rights issues are gay rights issues ... who is Pride Toronto to say what is a legitimate critique and what is not?”
That's all very well & good... but I just have to ask... where are the "Queers against Homophobic Palestinian Terror"?
Civil rights campaigners in Israel are trying to stop the deportation of a Palestinian homosexual back to the Gaza Strip, where they say he faces death threats.

"Nobody wants to take care of them. It is indescribable how bad life is for these people," Shaul Gonen told BBC News.

He warned that if the 21-year-old Palestinian homosexual is deported to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, "there is no way that he is going to stay alive there".
Dear "Queers against Israeli Apartheid"... try having your little "demonstration" in the Gaza Strip.

I dare you.