17 September 2007

Aboriginals allege RCMP conspiracy

Be that as it may, can anybody tell me where these guys get the money to haul 10 horses all the way up to British Columbia and then across Canada to Ontario... I mean... are these millionaire protesters or what?

A group of nomadic Navajo Indians en route to support the aboriginal quarry protest near Deseronto have been arrested, says a member currently at the quarry.

Twenty-eight members of the tribe, an offshoot of the Navajo, were on their way to Deseronto in nine vehicles with 10 horses in tow to show support and respect for a group of Tyendinaga Mohawks, said Spata Desareau, 64, a member of the tribe.
Somebody here has to know... what's the cost per klick, to push a one-ton and a half decent size horse trailer? I know my SUV can eat 60 bucks of dino-juice on a Toronto turnaround... and that's just haulin' my 200 pound butt.

Maybe it's like the way Shawn Brant and his buddies can apparently mount a 24 hour a day, six month love-in at the gravel pit in Tyendinaga... without any visible means of support.

I'm smelling a taxpayer-supported rat here.

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