25 September 2011

Just another Liberal Supporter

I swear... you've just gotta love the compassionate intellectual left...moron deluxeThere's a lotta stuff I won't even pretend to understand... like a fascination with anything Nazi... invariably accompanied with a light dusting of anti-semitism. It's a strange dynamic... a marathon slew of childish insults interspersed with clumsy homo-erotic flirts.behold the braindead leftIf only it wasn't so boring and repetitive. If there was a little bit of wit... or even some sort of lesson. Of course, out there in troll-world, the single, invariable constant is an emphasis on output, an unending flow... rather than, say... lucidity.

Apparently, more is always better.
they just keep comingIt's just so strange to realise that I have a more or less permanent lease on that big empty space between some peoples ears.

I guess that's how it works for all these cowardly little fanboys. I can't imagine what it's like to try piggyback your emotional well-being on another person's life.