29 September 2011

Your Globe & Mail...

...once again, smack at the forefront of "bleeding edge" journalism...
the world still has too many


Bob Devine said...

Back in the day every girl including my sister did this nightly through the teen years and on until they married and had kids. Then they didn`t have the time for it what with raising a family etc. and only did it for special nights out. That is probably a hard concept for our right now society to understand today but it was standard procedure back in the 1950s and 60s.

Neo Conservative said...

"bob devine says... it was standard procedure back in the 1950s and 60s"

all very well & good, bob... but, in what alternate reality could this even remotely be considered "news"?

is this actually canada's national newspaper... or simply a less colourful oprah magazine?


Anonymous said...

Like... well.... um.

Its like totally newsworthy? And um... important to know stuff for hair.

Sometimes I wish I could get my rollers to work and stuff so like, I need articles like this.

Its also cool to be all political and stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's call the "Life" section, formerly called the women's pages, bonehead. You might as well whine about the fact a newspaper has classified ads, which consume pages that should be glorifying your Fuehrer.

Neo Conservative said...

"and, oh-so-predictably, nonny returns to screech... 'glorifying your Fuehrer'"

oh boy... you just can't help yourself, huh nonny. you're totally... indeed helplessly... drawn to all the 'n' words.

there's actually no need to belabour your idiocy... you do all the work for me. sometimes though, i can't help but imagine the impression you must make on all your fellow philosopher-kings down at the soup kitchen.

squeegee on, bro and, hey... don't forget the creme rinse. don't want all that curling to give you the frizzies.