14 September 2011

Sometimes, you've just gotta draw a line...

...to delineate unacceptable behaviour. And let's face it, there's few more obvious jumping off points than, say... flirty emails...

But I digress. What I meant to say is that I'm totally behind Dear Leader Nycole here... no ifs ands or buts...

The interim leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons, Nycole Turmel, has joined the chorus calling on MP Bob Dechert to resign as the parliamentary secretary to the minister of foreign affairs.
Bob Dechert has to go.

I mean... you're found stark-naked in a sketchy triad-run brothel during a late-night police raid, what choice... WAIT... A... MINUTE...


dmorris said...

I can't seem to find out exactly WHAT Dechert said in those "flirty E-mails",the various articles each have the same,"I miss you",and "signed love,Bob" quotes.

So,what is the real meat of the flirtations? Did Bob say,f'r instance," your eyes are like limpid pools in the moonlight,your breasts are like mountains of cherry-capped snow,and all Canadian government secrets are yours if you will only let me examine the aforementioned up close and personal"?

Ol' Bob looks like a complete dork,the model for the alleged comedy,"The Forty Year-Old Virgin".

When confronted by a Chinese government employee,whose every word eventually ends up being read by State Security, Bob just lost it for a few minutes,just like Jack Layton did with that 18 year old massage therapist in the community clinic.

China has placed so many agents in Canada,they probably know more about the state of our Nation than either the government OR CSIS.

I doubt they have to rely on the post passionate-grappling utterances of a sated Canadian government nerd to hold the upper hand in any State to State business.

Anonymous said...

You make such agood point Neo. Now surely the media talking heads will stick a mike in her face and ask her how this all compares to Jack! at the message parlour, right?


Neo Conservative said...

"bluetech says... surely the media talking heads will stick a mike in her face"

never gonna happen.

apparently, modern-day media outlets are all about promoting the owner's agenda as opposed to reporting actual news.

look at how jack got canonised despite his late-night trip to the "rub-n-tug".