13 September 2011

A Tale of Two Stories

As everybody knows... a good headline sets the tone for the whole article. A skillful writer can have folks leaning this way, or that, before they even finish that first paragraph.

The first headline here is a classic. Despite using the word "flirted"... it still manages to confer a certain gravitas and, more importantly... states one thing while implying exactly the opposite.
halls of macadamia/The obvious takeaway here is that this man is a loose cannon, a candidate for blackmail... and thus a danger to his country.

How exactly do you respond to this kind of thing?

"Bob Dechert says voters will dismiss a report that he wrote flirtatious emails as a non-issue, because there was 'no wrongdoing' in the incident, for which the parliamentary secretary was not arrested or charged."
Yeah, yeah, I know how weak that sounds... and in fact, Bob Dechert actually said nothing of the sort... but, then again, maybe he should have.

'Cos... you've got a glib excuse and a sympathetic media following... forget all about those triad pimps... you can get almost any headline you desire...
halls of macadamia/
"Jack Layton says voters will dismiss a report that he was once found in a massage parlour by police in 1996 as a non-issue, because there was 'no wrongdoing' in the incident, for which the NDP leader was not arrested or charged."
I dunno... I suppose we should all be used to men in positions of power tripping all over their erections... and flirty emails and sketchy late-night shiatsu are probably the tip of the iceberg.

But don't you find it interesting how these two less-than-seemly tales are portrayed as near-reciprocals of each other in the media?

I'm almost ready to go pitch CBC on a new reality show... "SURVIVOR: Byward Market".


UPDATE: Brothel? What Chinatown brothel?

Who is this Layton you speak of?
good ol saint jackGotta have priorities, huh?


maryT said...

So far only some e-mails written years ago have surfaced. I am waiting for the naked pics to come, aka Weiner in the USA.
Democrats are worried their demand that he retire might backfire with a republican elected today to win his seat. Not since 1921 has that district elected a republican. Sort of like the ndp candidates in Que, someone running to fill the ticket.
OT, but has vegas gal moved to Quebec yet.

Neo Conservative said...

whatever happened to simply reporting the news?

if the papers wanna move over to punditry... just say so... don't bombard us with this partisan spinfest under the guise of objective journalism.

as for dechert & layton and their ilk... here's my criteria... would i want this guy to be dating my sister or my daughter.

where's the honour?

and that's not a rhetorical question.


Dwayne said...

Just remember, according to the left there is no bias in the media. The media is as unbiased as they come, except for that dirty old Sun News Network, of course. They are "right wing" and "Fox News North"... of course, the left is correct here, they are like Fox News... Popular!

Neo Conservative said...

less show business... more news.