16 September 2011

A double-booking at the Granite Club?

I guess the Premier of Toronto has way more important stuff to do that day...

“The Ontario PC Party is announcing that if Dalton McGuinty is unwilling to make the trip to northern Ontario for the debate, we will foot the bill for him to participate via video-conference from north Toronto,” the Conservatives said Thursday in a news release.
What's up with that? I guess all us "dumb as dogshit" hillbillies who choose not to live in the center of the universe don't deserve to bask in his august presence...
So far, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and PC Leader Tim Hudak have confirmed they will participate in the debate, and are prepared to leave an empty chair for McGuinty.

McGuinty said thanks, but no thanks to Hudak’s offer.


Frances said...

Similar attitude in BC, Neo. Outside the lower mainland and the Okanagan, civilization just doesn't exist for the elites. The unfortunates who live there are considered yokels to be exploited and from whom mucho taxes are to be extracted, but for whom decent services - such as seniors' care reasonably near their communities and families - don't exist. The Albo family of Rossland was the most widely publicized (google it), but they weren't the only family to whom this has happened. And there are problems in other areas of health care, job creation and preservation, and education.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is, though... you get exactly the kind of government you deserve.

if people here in ontario are stupid enough to let mcguinty have another kick at the cat... so be it.

alberta's starting to look pretty attractive to me.


Frances said...

Southern Ontario might deserve Mcwhosit, but does the North? This is one of the inherent problems with the 'one person one vote' and ridings with equal numbers of voters. It's far to easy for the urban areas to treat the hinterlands as merely cash cows; extracting the wealth via high taxes (thanks to taxes on mines, sawmills, oil wells, etc.) but then returning much less than extracted by using a 'per capita' formula which guarantees most of the hinterland taxes go to prop up the urban areas.