14 September 2011

Then they went and had that huge funeral...

...so I guess we'll never know how close we came... to another "Weekend at Bernie's"...corpsically correct

"This has been a difficult time for New Democrats everywhere, with the incredible loss of our leader, Jack Layton. It’s up to us now. In just a few short weeks, we have an opportunity to meet Jack’s challenge."
If Jack is this guy's leader... who exactly is Andrea Horwath?

I swear, at this point, I wouldn't be surprised to hear they're door-stepping Layton relics or orange holy water.


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The NDP motto... "We'll get there... eventually."hey... it's a job
"It's modelled after British Columbia's Resources Jobs Commissioner – a now-defunct position."


fernstalbert said...

Rather cheeky of you, but good pop culture reference to the movie. lol Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

me, cheeky?

i'm not the guy who got caught naked in a... oh, never mind...


Alberta Girl said...

I fully expect to see Jack's face on campaign posters in the 2015 election.

Mark. My. Words.