17 September 2011

Welcome to the Colonel Klink school...

...of building a better world...

"STRATFORD - The tornado that devastated Goderich last month left more than uprooted trees, damaged buildings and crushed cars in its wake."

"'It also left valuable lessons in emergency management', says Perth County's community emergency response co-ordinator."
Valuable lessons, huh? Is that what the guys with the clipboards & checklists told you? papers pleaseSomebody, please... refresh my memory... when exactly, did we turn into a nation of obsessive-compulsive pencil-pushers?
"Coun. Bill French said he was bothered some Mennonite Central Committee volunteers hoping to help with the cleanup were turned away because they didn't have chainsaw safety certification, and donated lunches were thrown out because they weren't prepared in inspected kitchens."
Somehow, the building permits have become more important than the actual buildings.


max said...

Give it a couple more years and "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" will be understood as "I'm illegally trespassing, get the shotgun". I see nothing, nothing..

Mark said...

It isn't just the tornadoes that do damage, the bureaucracy doubles it with their inane and useless 'regulations' that exist so that they can justify their own jobs and existence. Neighbours helping neighbours doesn't require a government bureaucrat apporval or permission.

Neo Conservative said...

Mark says... Neighbours helping neighbours doesn't require a government bureaucrat approval or permission."

nor should defending your family, or your property... but we all know the government stance on both of these things.

in the end, you simply have to live behind your own eyes... do whatever it is you think is necessary... and be man enough to take the consequences.

it's not that complicated.

the problem is, we are all being conditioned to act like prisoners... to get with the programme. it's that "institutional" mentality that is corroding the fabric of society.


Mark said...

I would have loved to seen a headline from anyone in the media "Volunteers threatened with arrest for cleaning up Tornado damage" A little long but I'm no editor. Of course not even the Sun chain would print that. Institutionalized indeed.

Neo Conservative said...

these days people don't stand up... they stand aside.