20 September 2011

Don't need a Weatherman...

...to know which way the hot air is blowin'...trainwreck

"The New Democrats have not decided their next step because they have been waiting to see what transpires, Mr. Mulcair said."
Well that, and... with the Harper majority... any actual resistance and Mulcair & friends'll get crushed like tiny, insignificant bugs.

As for "what transpires"... I saw newly minted NDP honcho Nycole Turmel in action for the first time on CTV tonight... and all I can say is... wtf were the Dippers thinking? And trust me, her seperatiste credentials are the least of it.

If this was a physics experiment... Turmel'd be the anti-Jack particle. Another week of this anemic, inarticulate dishrag and the party will be begging Bob Rae to come home.

Yeah... that bad.

It truly is the perfect political storm. And I'm lovin' it.


JA Goneaux said...

I bet Brian Mulroney has the biggest smile in history right now.

Sure, the 'dippers got that elusive breakthrough in Quebec, but, like the dog who finally catches the car, the question is "now what the hell do I do with it"?

Harper will shovel just enough pork into la belle provence to get enough "Mayor McCheese" votes next time, and the New Jack Layton Memorial Party will be back to square one: begging the hippies and hardhats to come back.

Anonymous said...

Their first step will like Jack's first step when Parliament resumed: support postal workers, Air Canada workers, whomever, come hell or high water. Because the N.D.P. is for "the little people".

maryT said...

What was the reason for Jack to appoint Nycole interim leader. Was it to kill the ndp without him, like JC did to the liberals with his making changes to the donation thingy.
Both Nycole and Mulcair are bragging that 5 yrs of hard work led to the breakthru in Que. 5 yrs and only less than 2000 paid members is not a great showing.
They have tried to convince canadians that it was ndp supporters that voted for them, I disagree. It was others, who were sure they would form a coalition and Jack would be PM, giving Que run of the country.
Mulcair will regret that he pushed for a longer leadership race, as the more Nycole is out there the more she will convince us the ndp is not ready for prime time.

Neo Conservative said...

bias? what media bias