16 September 2011

Bullet Time in Toronto the Good...

...must be Friday...

same old

Toronto police said the man was shot once inside a house on Calverley Trail, near Morningside Avenue south of Highway 401.
Or Saturday...
same old, same old
-- TORONTO -- A man in his 50s was shot and killed inside a business at a Scarborough strip mall early Saturday morning.


canadianna said...

This one is less than five minutes to the east of my house, and the one on the long weekend, the one with the machine gun . . . less than five minutes to the west. Lucky us.

Neo Conservative said...

i don't know that there are guaranteed safe havens anywhere in toronto nowadays... but you might wanna consider getting as far away from the hotspots as possible.

try imagine what scarborough is gonna be like in another 10 years.

get out now.


jwozak91 said...

I noticed last night that in the hyperlink the "compassionate intellectuals" at Toronto CTV wrote has the word "shotting" - which is underlined in red on my Firefox browser.

It appears the Toronto media is now just phoning it in when it comes to gangland assassinations.

Neo Conservative said...

just another day in "toronto the good"... and as long as you can blame it on "society"... no individuals ever have to bear any sort of responsibility.

funny though, how... even with david miller's billion dollar social asssitance initiatives... the situation keeps on getting worse.

can rob ford turn this ocean liner around? i dunno... there's a whole lot of inertia to deal with.

just something to think about, toronto... the next time you're writing out that ever-ballooning cheque for your municipal taxes.


canadianna said...

Hmmmm . . . this one is about twenty minutes south west, give or take. Pheww . . . safe tonight.