17 September 2011

A job so tough, so complicated...

...you wouldn't even wanna consider it... without completing highschool...

At 19, Pierre-Luc Dusseault made history in May by becoming Canada’s youngest-ever MP; instead of working at a golf course this summer as he’d planned, his first full-time job was representative for Sherbrooke.
Let's face it, Quebec... it IS funny.

The NDP dumps placeholder candidates into as many ridings as possible, so they can hoover up that per-vote subsidy.

Then... you lunkheads actually vote a bunch of them in... not because you believe in this perennially last-place party... but because you got suckered by a terminally-ill slickster who, as his last wish, longed desperately to poke a thumb in Stephen Harper's eye.

Way to punch yourself in the face, Pitou.


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MONTREAL - He has not read the report and he’s not going to call an inquiry or take extra steps to ensure the Liberal Party of Quebec is not benefiting from payoffs from firms getting road-construction contracts.

That’s how Premier Jean Charest reacted Friday to an explosive report about road-construction collusion


Anonymous said...

The taxpayers of the ROC will likely wind up paying to repair all the faulty work done by the crooks of quebec. We should expect nothing else from the most corrupt province in Canada.Just one more reason why I want them out of my Canada.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Even more funny is the fact that Quebecers also voted in unilingual anglophones and a whole bunch of young people from McGill. Not so funny is the fact that hard-working Conservative candidates who knocked on doors for months before and during the election got shafted while NDP candidates who campaigned for a couple of weekends if that at all, got elected.

Who needs an inquiry which will cost millions, smear people since witnesses can say anything with impunity and end up not sentencing anybody to jail? I hardly ever agree with Charest, but this time he is right, if perhaps for the wrong reasons.

But as for

Anonymous said...

How do you say "Fuggeddabouddit" en Francais? Da proof is da proof.
Quebec is da Chicago of Canada.
Cheers Bubba

maryT said...

No one has yet explained to me or anyone else how people knew what placeholder to vote for. No campaign, literature, tv ads.
Did their ballots have Jack by all the ndp names. Did the voters get e-mails as they entered the polling station.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt asks... Did their ballots have Jack by all the ndp names?"

i think the left-wing media's non-stop trumpeting jack's virtues had something to do with this.

apparently folks from quebec are more gullible than the rest of us.


Rick said...

Of course Charest wasn't suprised..who would be? Anybody who thinks Quebec is anything but corrupt only has to think back to the 72 Olympics. We should find a new word to describe the blind stupidity of the voters and politicians of Quebec.

Neo Conservative said...

"rick says... We should find a new word to describe the blind stupidity of the voters and politicians of Quebec."

quebeckers keep telling us what a unique culture they possess. apparently, it's true in more ways than one.


maryT said...

Re those olympics-a young contractor in our small town got a phone call very early one a.m., from a contractor in Que. Did he want to buy 6 sets of scaffolding, being sold from the olympics, for 50.00/set.
Not understanding his english and being just woke up, he said yes and forgot about it. A few weeks later a semi showed up at his shop, filled with construction stuff. He paid the 300.00 and sold 4 sets for 100.00/per. Lots of them are still being used in AB. It was years before he put 2 and 2 together and realized someone had probably made a fortune selling olympic stuff.
Probably couldn't happen today with the net, e-mail and texts.

Anonymous said...

Actually I find Ontario much more corrupt with McGuinty and the E health scandal, paying huge consultant fees to his pals and the whole green energy bribe to so many supporters.

As much as I hate the Parti Quebecois they provide honest government when they are in power. Unfortunately they and the Liberals support the "Quebec model" which is of course a bloated bureaucracy, nanny state and everything possible to undermine enterprise.