12 September 2011

Not sure about "enthusiaists"...

...but there's so much crap on tv these days... I simply can't bring myself to shell out 60 bucks a month...free to air


Anonymous said...

Living in the GTA I use a single ota antenna and receive over 20 HD channels. That combined with Netflix makes my total TV bill under $10 a month and I don't miss the subscription services at all. The CRTC can kiss my antenna.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm only using a philips antenna inside the livingroom, but i get global, ctv. cbc and tvo here.

when the atmospheric skip is right we get channels from new york state.

gotta put a proper bigger antenna up the old tv tower on a rotator and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I'm in south Mississauga and get 16 channels on the small antenna pointed at the CN Tower, and another 16 on the large antenna pointed at Grand Island. The two are aimed 90 degrees to each other. I have 2 external tuners feeding the antennas into a Digital Video Recorder.
If I could get just the 3 or 5 cable channels I want elsewhere, or as a per-channel subscription, I wouldn't pay the Rogers tax either.
Sports in HD is SO NICE!.