10 September 2011

Apparently, the Liberal campaign co-chair...

...thinks Ontarians are a bunch of morons...

“I never thought I’d have to explain something so obvious and something with so much common sense." --
Yes, of course Greg... if only the average man on the street was as smart as, oh, I dunno... a Fiberal party pooh-bah.

Not that I can't see the reasoning here.

A while ago, I heard that 52% of Torontonians self-identify as being members of a visible minority. Obviously, Greg & company feel that those votes are for sale... and have acted accordingly.

I don't think that's gonna work. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and hazard a guess that perhaps not all Ontarians (whatever their ethnic origin) are on board with the Liberals politically-correct system of quotas and taxpayer-subsidised "affirmative action" plans.
After six days of defending the $10,000-credit program without providing details beyond the vague promise in its campaign literature the Liberals had campaign co-chair Greg Sorbara outline exactly who would qualify for the grants the $12-million a year program.
I think Ontarians... and indeed, most Canadians still believe in a meritocracy... where people earn their rewards.

I think most people are smart enough to realise that all of this valuta ultimately comes out of their own pockets.


"Why don't the Glibs promise that $12 (million) to the college and university grads from Ontario who aren't working in the jobs for which the were educated. Like 98% of my graduating college class, for instance."

LAST WORD: The future is already here


canadianna said...

As if we needed another reason not to vote Liberal . . .

Pissedoff said...

Just how is anyone expected to understand something that even the Scumbag Party members who have to sell it cannot understand because it has changed so many times. It started with all new immigrants, changed to new skilled immigrants, then went to all Canadians who have lived in Ontario less than 5 yrs. How fast it changed was how loud people shouted racist and discrimination.

Neo Conservative said...

from the party who promised not to raise your taxes, the ohip & e-health debacles... the folks who wanted to stick second graders in sex-ed classes... to now offering blatant bribes to the immigrant community.

i guess that's just how they roll.


Anonymous said...

Wanna know another indication that this policy plank is bad? Warren Kinsella donates an entire article by portraying Hudak as someone who flip flops on this idea.

Seems they are spending a lot of time, energy and resources on this

Anonymous said...

If the people of Ontario reelect the POS mcSlimmy I would have to agree with the co-chair. come on people please wake up.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Just read a report from Britain: only 46% of recent engineering graduates are working in engineering.

I doubt Canada is much different.

So, I should care that someone who didn't go to school here can't find a job in his chosen profession either?

Why don't the Glibs promise that $12 to the college and university grads from Ontario who aren't working in the jobs for which the were educated. Like 98% of my graduating college class, for instance...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Why don't the Glibs promise that..."

hey... why stop there? a true believer would try to level the entire playing-field...

"Recently I wrote about Ashif Jaffer, a man with Down syndrome whose mother is determined that he earn an undergraduate degree and who is suing York University in Toronto for refusing to make that happen."

you think that sounds a little out there? you obviously don't live in dalton's emerging socialist paradise...

“School administration take part preparing the cafeteria and making it into a mosque every Friday. Only Muslims can use the cafeteria during the Islamic prayers.”


Frances said...

To Anon re graduating class - what degree do you have? If it's one of those degrees which have a tenuous relationship to work outside the university or perhaps a think tank (I'm thinking sociology, English unless with a BEd, etc.,) then perhaps it's your problem for a bad choice. But if you've got a good professional degree and the jobs just aren't there, then you are TOTALLY correct to call the Premier on this one.

And, yes, I do know circumstances can change even when one tries to make a good choice of career. I've watched geologists, nurses, and teachers - among others - watch their careers disappear (at least here) even as they graduate.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, folks... i think the point here is... getting an individual a job is not the government's responsibility.

do what successful people do... bust your ass and don't give up.


Frances said...

Right, Neo, but unfortunately government policies can seriously influence jobs.

The NDP replaced the Socreds in the early 70's in B C. With their 'business is bad' mantra and 'the resources belong to the people' line, they quickly instituted royalties and restrictions on the mining sector. The good mines (think Sullivan at Kimberley) were able to keep going, but a lot of small ones fell by the wayside. And minerals exploration ground to a halt.

Ask the UBC's geology BSc's of that era: the jobs they were counting on disappeared. Fortunately, the oil patch was hiring, so BC's loss became Alberta's gain.