27 September 2011

We moved out of Toronto a decade ago...

...so my son wouldn't be fed into the big city public school meat grinder...
what's your pointNot a day goes by... I don't congratulate myself.

Of course, I recognise that's not a choice anybody can... or even would... make for themselves. It's certainly easier to find a job, any job, in a city of two million souls... than a hamlet of 3,000 people. For new immigrants, you can find a community of familiar faces and customs.

Thing is... is that really enough? Don't you owe it to your children to find the safest environment possible?

Not a day goes by I don't read about another shooting, stabbing or lockdown in the bigger urban centres.

In the incident above, where one child will permanently bear the physical & emotional scars of this savage, impromptu plastic surgery... will the parents ever be able to forgive themselves?

I've found a way around that. I'm not ever going back.

Don't you ever think... "there must be a better way"?

I'm here to tell you... there is. Come the weekend, get a map and mark a 100km circle around your house, then climb in your car and start exploring. That's how we started.

Maybe you'll find your own little bit of paradise.


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"On Wednesday, police confirmed a 14-year-old boy, who sources say has links to the Indian Posse, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Vincett, who allegedly claimed to have ties to the MOB gang, although his supposed affiliation is tenuous."

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"Ms. Batalia was shot early Wednesday morning on the third floor of Simon Fraser University’s Surrey parkade."


Anonymous said...

So now his biggest problem is having to live with a nut.

Michael said...

As if Neo would ever let him stay at your place, Nonny Mouse.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... i'm not really sure what you imagine this sort of cowardly, anonymous nonsensical name-calling accomplishes. your prolific & apparently inexhaustible supply of childish insults speaks quite succinctly to both your intellectual poverty and wealth of spare time.

if having a son who is a straight-a student with an enviable social life, his own atv and 60 acres to ride it on is some sort of failure... i can't imagine what your idea of success might be.

otoh... you never have shared your personal story with us here. you just show up spewing insults and threats.

perhaps, if you had anything approaching a normal family life yourself... i wouldn't have a permanent lease on that dense chunk of meat between your ears.

your other comment today... using the other n-word... shows me that you are still not ready to join the conversation here.

so sad.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I hear a response to arguments like yours that go something like.. "but drugs and crime are everywhere, even in the smallest towns". Which is nonsense of course.

When I was twelve my family moved from a town of about 1200 to a big city where my junior high had about 600 kids. During the first week of school a fellow student was shot to death in a mall parking lot. Another kid from my school was charged with the murder and served three years. Later I found out that an adult was the true shooter. Apparently it was common knowledge.

What I'm trying to say is that sure there were some badasses in my old town, but nothing like the city culture. I would rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than raise kids in a city.

Neo Conservative said...

you can find trouble anywhere you go... that's the nature of the beast.

statistically, though... big urban centres are the boiling point for most social ills. in addition, the whole trudeaupian multiculturalism thing... (ie: celebrating tribalism, mistrust of authority, institutionalised bribery & extralegal and often violent payback)... has diluted traditional canadian values... which has exacerbated that decline.

rural destinations have retained more of their traditional canadian values (respect for the law, the meritocracy, the spirit of accommodation)... which presumably, is what has made canada so attractive to people from other places.

free country, though... you get to choose. all i'm saying is choose wisely.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper to put your child in a good private school in the city? Just asking...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Wouldn't it be cheaper"

seriously, you think this is about money?

i'm talking 'quality of life' here.