09 September 2011

With apologies to Richard Prior

Now honey, who ya gonna believe... Dalton and company... or your own damn lyin' eyes?once again, it begins

-- London, ONT -- “We came here to do business,” Mr. Lee told reporters, “so we don’t want to be involved in political affairs and the election campaign.”
But there he was in a chemistry lab at the University of Western Ontario, standing alongside the politician seeking a third straight term on Oct. 6.
I mean... what could possibly go wrong?
once again, it beginsNow, here's a question you... as an Ontario taxpayer... might wanna ask yourself.

If solar power is such a winner, such a lead-pipe cinch... why does Dalton have to, financially speaking, reach over and grab his, er... your ankles for Samsung?

And even with all those hundreds of millions of taxpayer greenbacks... how well exactly, did that work out for... prominent Obama fundraiser... George Kaiser?


Anonymous said...

I guess the only thing we can really do is...buy lotsa Samsung stock. I mean, if we have any money left after taxes and hydro go up. At least, we'll get some of it back...

Neo Conservative said...

i betcha that's what people were thinking when president zero was floggin' solyndra shares to beat the band.