06 September 2011

Just watched CBC's Peter Mansbridge...

...trying... yet again... to squeeze some more blood out of the already thoroughly over-polished Layton headstone... and boy, was it one excruciatingly tedious spectacle.

Even with Mansbridge at his obsequious, softball lobbin' best, I had to look away more than once, as a painfully less-than-articulate Olivia tried to get her inner-Jack on.

I can't imagine what Mansbridge & Chow hoped to add to the already overblown mythology here... awkwardly restating the obvious... in between coyly speculating about Olivia's political prospects...more stunning rvelationsAnd, call me a Philistine... there was stuff that just went completely over my head...

"He has no fear because he knows that he can trust me. That his soul is his spirit. That when he passes on in his next journey that I will be with him."
"'His soul is his spirit'?... His 'next journey'?"

Seriously? Jack's buoyant, travelling soul... that's the next meme for this media circus?

Curiously, despite this latest round of endlessly heartfelt, nationwide "sharing"... Ms. Chow was strangely reticent about the one thing that might, at this point, be considered actual "news"... the other unnamed cancer that suddenly killed Mr. Layton.
"She would not disclose what the new cancer was, saying it might discourage others who needed to be confident that they would succeed in overcoming the disease that had claimed her husband’s life."
That's funny... the whole prostate cancer thing was loudly & repeatedly trumpeted from the rooftops and nobody gave a thought to anybody's morale. I don't get it.

Anyway... surely it's time for the media to move on here.

So c'mon, Petey... do Ms. Chow a personal (and indeed a professional) favour and take your cameras & microphones and go home.

If you won't do it for her... think of the rest of us.


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the selling continuesYeah... you can just smell the grief.



Meanwhile... back in a distant, obscure reality the media has obviously forgotten...
jack it up


Anonymous said...

My theory is that the prostate cancer had spread to his bones which is almost 100% untreatable and fatal. That would explain the walking with the cane in the last election. If this is true then the NDP knowingly ran a leader in the election that only had a few months to live and that's why they don't want anybody to know.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the NDP knowingly ran a leader in the election that only had a few months to live"

hey, it gets way better... in the last election, the dippers ran candidates who had never actually visited the ridings they contested... simply to collect extra taxpayer-subsidised vote money.

it's how they roll.

who could have know our seperatiste neighbours would be dumb enough to actually vote for them? the power of jack, huh?

as for all the "shock & surprise" that olivia won't be contesting the leadership... most people seem to be citing her lack of french. the fact is, she's one of the least articulate actors on the current political stage... as clearly shown in this badly scripted tv dance with mansbridge.

the highlight of that bit of theatre was when olivia pontificated about how important "public service" was, even if... and i'm quoting verbatim here... "you're only washing dishes."

yessirree... she made stephen dion look warm & wise... that's how bad it was.