16 September 2011

More Fife & Drum

CTV News... in the name of protecting ordinary Canadians from "wasteful" spending... is, yet again, going after Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk...general versus pretend general

Passenger logs obtained by CTV News under the Access to Information Act show that in January 2010, Natynczyk used a CC-144 Challenger to fly to St. Maarten Island in the Caribbean to begin a vacation. He attended a repatriation ceremony a day earlier in Trenton, Ont., and missed his flight for a cruise holiday with his family.
Hmmm... if only we had some sort of measuring stick... something to compare to... wait a minute...
Between January 2006 and September 2010, Jean made 251 trips and accumulated more than 1,048 hours of flight. The bill for travel expenses totalled $2.7 million.

La Presse also notes that on eight separate occasions, Jean used government planes for personal trips including five junkets to her family home in France. She also visited Jamaica, Barbados and Mexico with her husband and their daughter.

Jean's predecessor, Adrienne Clarkson, was one who especially raised the ire of Canadians for her not-so spendthrift ways.

Clarkson's budget increased from $11 million a year to $19 million during her tenure.
So Bob... you only go after actual serving members of the military... not the beneficiaries of an archaic, ceremonial make-work programme?


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Anonymous said...

Bob the knob is at it again is he? One more reason to NOT watch CTV.

Al the Fish said...

Maybe he should investigate CBC Strombo's TIFF party like SUN News is doing.

Neo Conservative said...

"al says... investigate CBC Strombo's TIFF party"

maybe go over jack layton's expenses... find out if he tried to claim that late-night shiatsu as office supplies.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, this guys travel is released after a FOI request but the amount of tax dollars blown for the CBC and Strombo's kegger at the TIFF is a state secret.