22 September 2011

For the latest racist "Death Squad" news...

...you can count on CTV...

-- TORONTO -- Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has identified a man who remains in serious condition after being shot by police in downtown Toronto.

The police watchdog says Ankur Patel, 24, approached a paid-duty officer at a construction site on Shuter Street, near the Eaton Centre, on Monday afternoon.

The SIU says Patel was shot at least once by the officer.
Wait a minute... is there anything else here... SOME SMALL FACT the professional journalists at CTV may have overlooked?
-- TORONTO -- An apologetic man reported to be suicidal tried to stab a paid-duty officer moments before he was shot on a downtown street, witnesses say.

Witness Brendan Rawlins said he saw the officer fire twice in the 1:37 p.m. incident near the Eaton Centre.

He said the man tried to stab the officer before the shooting.
CTV... all the news that's fit to torque.