06 August 2011

Actually... it kinda sorta fits

I mean... you can't be more of an "opposing force"... than to want to tear the country into separate pieces... right?
oops... there goes another

-- "The NDP run candidates in every riding in Quebec. Did Ms. Turmel judge the Bloc's social issues platform superior to the NDP's?"
And, Holy Clouseau's Minkey... it gets even better than that...
"My card is still in my pocket," Turmel said. "But they already know I will resign."

"They," of course, is the left-wing francophone cabal known as Quebec Solidaire, a hardcore collective of separatists, communists, feminists, socialists and any axe-to-grind radical lefty in need of a place to hang a tinfoil hat.


maryT said...

Does she have a costco card, airmiles card, credit card and if so will she give them up also.
From a comment in the g&m re this gal,
The BQ had millions of supporters and hundreds of thousands of members. One of the members opts to join the NDP, in any other country this would be seen as a positive development. --
Any truth to that statement. I would change that to read, bloc has millions of non supporters in Canada.

syncrodox said...


Lizzie May has forwarded her origami pattern for tinfoil hats to Ms. Turmel in a show of leftist solidarity...little known fact.

Anonymous said...

Lets just cut out the BS and vote quebec out of confederation. What has quebec ever done for the rest of Canada??

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... cut out the BS and vote quebec out of confederation."

well, lemme see... the leader of the official opposition is a card-carrying member of not one... but two separatiste parties.

it would seem a significant number of canadians are already driving down that road.