04 April 2011

Over a billion taxpayer dollars a year...

...and apparently, they still have to gaff the wheel...

-- OTTAWA -- A Toronto-based polling firm is trying to make sure the public knows they have nothing to do with CBC’s beleaguered online voting tool.
big mother
Compas Research, established in 1987, issued a press release Sunday saying it has nothing to do with the CBC’s online Vote Compass, which has come under fire over claims it is biased.
Biased? Is that what we're calling it now?
CBC’s Vote Compass came under fire last week when a Queen’s University professor claimed the tool defaulted in favour of the Liberals over other parties.
Once again, professional journalists... your ethical & intellectual superiors.


bertie said...

NANOS POLL just out 7 AM

Conservatives 42%
Liberals 28%

Anonymous said...

Compas Research, journalists and Liberals...all three together.

Wow, why even bother expecting any truth?

madmax said...

My anti-CBC bias aside, I do wonder how many regular CBC viewers must be bothered by the ethical implications of a government broadcaster putting out a "Vote Compass" to tell people where they stand during an election. There must be people on the other side of the isle that agree the CBC has gone WAY OVER THE LINE this time. If the thing told everyone that they were conservative, and that the CPC was the most centrist party, I would still feel the same way.

Neo Conservative said...

uh, nonny... read slower.

Compas Research is the legitimate polling firm being trashed by CBC's ill-conceived methodology & outright plagiarism.