05 April 2011

No seat...zero MPs... huge chutzpah

Just another 450 million reasons to vote Conservative...
lizzie spends your money

"Green Party Leader Elizabeth May promised Monday to pump $450 million into the public broadcaster over three years if her party won power."
I presume that's on top of the existing billion dollar taxpayer subsidy we already flush down the toilet every year.

And the fact that Dizzy Lizzie has a better chance of becoming President of Syria doesn't diminish the assininity of this at all.


UPDATE: No joy in Dudville
"Green party Leader Elizabeth May has lost in her last-ditch effort to get in to the televised leaders' debates."


oxygentax said...

It must be in addition to the existing funding... otherwise the Ceeb would be screaming bloody murder right now.

kursk said...

The Green Party Of Canada = The Elizabeth May experience; a one person show..

madmax said...

Thank goodness, I've been worrying nonstop about those poor CBC staffers starving on prison rations. Such noble sacrifice for a higher purpose. Lizzy May All The Way!

drunkmax said...

Why not $450 billion? Money is just a means of capitalist oppression anyway, what's the difference?

syncrodox said...


Have you ever noticed that you get mean when you're drunk?