04 April 2011

It's true... a drowning man will grasp...

...at a sword...
biggy iggy

Ig’s caught in a vote splitting nightmare.

As such there’s only one way he gets to be PM; enough Canadians need to find the idea of a dark, reactionary Nixonian figure like Harper with unfettered control over Parliament so repellant that they vote in sufficient numbers for ABH (Anybody But Harper) thereby keeping the Tories well south of a majority.

At that point the Grits and the Dippers make a deal (with the informal backing of the Bloc) to form a government thereby making good on the democratic will of the people (demonstrable since two out of three Canadians will have voted ABH).

As Jeffrey Simpson pointed out Ignatieff didn't help his cause by “ruling out” a coalition - but what's a campaign promise for if it's not to be broken.

UPDATE: Good thing he reserved that...

...spot at Hah-vuhd...
majority territory**********

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go iggy
"I should probably advise the German admins as to why the Katewerk.com server has been shaking. Since going live just 24 hours ago, the Michael Ignatieff Election Sign Generator has generated 14,700 election slogans and counting."


oxygentax said...

You know? I'm going to put it out there...

Harper should do more campaign events in a hockey sweater. He looks a hell of a lot closer to an average person with that on than with the sweater vest he tried last go around.

Neo Conservative said...

i've always thought stephen harper personified a regular canadian... no flash, no slick... just solid, put your head down and get the job done.

and we've got the best performing economy in the g8 to prove that out. he keeps that up, he can prance around naked for all i care.

otoh... every time i see ignatieff i think... it's mr spock's severely constipated dad. then he opens his patrician mouth and makes things so much worse.

iggy... the gift that keeps on giving.


syncrodox said...


Iggy has the political instincts of Dionne, the decisiveness of Martin, the integrity of Chretien, the tenacity of Turner and the common touch of Trudeau.

Liberal through and through.

What could go wrong?

Frances said...

Where can we read all those slogans, Neo?

Neo Conservative said...

check over at sda... kate may have found a way to capture them.