07 March 2007

When simply "being gay" isn't enough

You can pad your resume with a sexual sheepskin...

I'm thinkin'... you might not wanna have your parents visit on Sado-Masochism day...
-- Visiting lecturers will address technical aspects of flogging, restraint, and role-play.

Students will 'research' questions (e.g. what constitutes coercion? consent? control? submission? can sexual practices transform our understanding of power?) by the optional performance of selected scenes.
Just trying to imagine what would have happened, if I had told my father I was gonna get a "Bachelor of Sexual Diversity."

Actually... scratch that last thought. I already know.

From the comments: Canadi-anna said...
Learning about flogging "techniques", rather than the mind-workings of those who feel the need to participate in such things is hardly what we expect of a university.

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