01 May 2011

You say Toe-may-toe...

...Giorgio says whorehouse...

-- TORONTO -- The Velvet Touch Massage parlour — where NDP Leader Jack Layton was found during a 1996 police visit — was suspected to be a bawdy house since it opened, Toronto Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti alleged.

The massage parlour in the city's Chinatown neighbourhood, which ceased operations down shortly after the police came calling, opened in 1994 and was among 26 suspected bawdy houses Toronto Police cracked down on with more than 300 charges.
And Giorgio, unlike CTV and CBC, isn't buying Jacko's "community clinic" nonsense...
"I can pretty much guarantee wherever there's a rub-and-tug, it's run by organized crime, and drugs are always a part of the equation. That's just a reality of the business."
So... Toronto cops raid a whorehouse looking for underage Thai hookers... and find a naked Toronto City Councillor... and that's the guy you're gonna vote for?

I don't believe it, Canada.

We're better than that.


"every single blogging tory foaming at the mouth! love it."

"come on jackie boy!"

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 4:42 AM, May 01, 2011
It's true, nonny... not one Conservative of my acquaintance thinks sexual slavery... or child prostitution... is something to be taken lightly.


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Jack Layton says voters will dismiss a report that he was once found in a massage parlour by police in 1996 as a non-issue, because there was “no wrongdoing” in the incident, for which the NDP leader was not arrested or charged.
Is Jacko right, folks? Is that your Prime Minister?

I wouldn't let this guy walk my dog.


LAST WORD: It's just sex... right?

No, sorry... not even close. This kinda thing isn't about some guy "gettin' a little on the side." It's about character. It's about honour. It's about telling the truth and taking responsibility.

Nobody really cares when somebody fucks around, or that somebody got jerked off by prostitute... but, the thing is, you can't have it both ways.

You either care about human rights... care about women... or you rent them by the hour. You can't be a leader or a role model... if you're peddling unadulterated horseshit.

You hear the way people laugh about Berlusconi and Italy these days? I don't want that to happen to my country.


L said...

Let's tell that to all the nice new immigrants they wanted - I am sure they will be impressed.

As for Quebec, self-interest rules them and the BLOC has not delivered lately. No guilt that Alberta is subsidizing cheap day care and tuition (and ON and BC did too)

Also, I think Duceppe in his coming dotage has possibly lost it and moved from benign to blatant activist separatist. He has lost his anglo/allophone vote, as he should, as well as federalist francophones. He went rogue, for why???. Maybe, he wants to run provincially, as he has no interest in Canada. Last chance for I guess for his innoble cause. Farewell Gilles. May Montreal and Quebec survive as part of Canada by choice.

syncrodox said...

This is gonna get interesting when the chips start to fall...

maryT said...

Wonder if Jack has realized that this story will have legs long after the election and will be on the net forever. Some day his g/daughter will be teased about it in school. What did olivia mean when she said she knew of the appointment as she knew about all of them.
And to think that reporters were given this story 2 yrs ago and sat on it, but the media spent 200 hrs on wafergate. If the PM is just a couple of seats short of a majority on Monday, imagine the cheers from those reporting the results. I prefer the glum looks when the PM gets at least a 10 seat majority.
What if all those phantom bloc/ndp candidates refuse to show up, saying they never intended to get elected. But, if they do and are in opposition, Canada will see what Quebec has elected to sit in the back and be a trained seal. I doubt the liberals will support them if they vote against the budget or SFTT, and would the Bloc vote for Jack. Fun times ahead.

Anonymous said...

every single blogging tory foaming at the mouth! love it.

come on jackie boy!

Anonymous said...

Gilles "went rogue" out of sheer arrogance and because the Bloc and Parti Quebecois were all hyped up at the party quebecois convention. They live in a bubble, a bit like the N.D.P., protected by the fawning media. But Quebecers don't want another referendum and recoiled when Duceppe called the weakening of the federal government through the Bloc in this election one of the "winning conditions" for separation.

Meanwhile, unlike La Presse, le Journal de Montreal came out with all the details of Jack's visit to a "community clinic". Nevertheless most of theQuebec media is going on about a right-wing conspiracy to bring down Jack, instead of talking about Jack's lies and cover-up.

Anonymous said...

no one should be surprised at Layton being caught where he was; as a socialist fraud; like Al Gore he doesn't practice what he preaches; cry about climate change, fly a jet, mouth off about homlessness then take subsidised housing from someone who needs it, crow about pubic health care then goes to a private clinic. How anyone could vote for this clown is unbelievible.

DaveY said...

He can't tell the difference between a whorehouse and a clinic but he knows we sure do need more "doctors".

fernstalbert said...

Shouldn't snark on a Sunday morning but Jack has made his mark in the lexicon of Canadian "isms". Shiatsu is such a delicious visual - it lives in your head. lol Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... most of the Quebec media is going on about a right-wing conspiracy"

of course it is.

sophisticated, metrosexual quebec, with it's wife-swap clubs... doesn't regard the local rub & tug as a blight on the land... it's called closing time on "friday night."

this isn't about jacko's libido... that's for him & olivia to sort out.

it's about his character... or lack thereof.


Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert says... Shiatsu is such a delicious visual - it lives in your head"

indeed it is...

shiatsu - 'hand job'

Originated from massage parlours that advertise as shiatsu parlours
usage -- "Dude, I just robbed 7-Eleven...shiatsu's on me!"