04 September 2010

Hmmm... would've been a bigger story...

...I guess, if there had been widespread rioting... or a slew of death-threats... in response to the news...

A close reader of ChristWire will soon figure out (one hopes) that the site is not serious. But many of the columns are deft enough, just plausible enough, to fool the casual reader. Even — or perhaps especially — a reader whose beliefs are being mocked.
I guess some folks cows... are more sacred than others.

Maybe if there had been some cartoons...


Anonymous said...

Off topic but I know that you're no fan of the long gun registry.

For me, I think it could be a useful tool if administrated properly.

It's clear that you're a Stephen Harper fan but I wonder how you answer this:

"From my own personal standpoint I believe there are elements of gun control and specifically of this bill that could be helpful." -Stephen Harper (long before he became the PM)

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny asks... I wonder how you answer this"

okay, i'll bite.

first, can you give me a source for this, so i can, one... verify that harper indeed said this... and two... get the remark in context?

i could similarly just toss out...

"yeah, i think it's okay to waterboard terrorists in certain situations." - Michael Ignatieff (long before he became the Liberal leader)

now... what would you say to me?