07 January 2010

Yeah, Peace Moonbeam

...who could have possibly seen that coming?

-- SYDNEY -- The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a small but militant environmentalist group which specialises in "direct action" to halt marine environmental destruction.

Its activists have harassed the Japanese fleet over the past six hunting seasons, including ramming a whaling vessel, and claim to have saved the lives of hundreds of whales.
Moral of the story... "Only a fool brings carbon fibre toys to a gunfight."

They're just lucky their dumbass publicity stunt didn't get anybody killed or maimed.


Anonymous said...

No problem with whaling or Japanese fishing practices? Look into the issue and you might change your tune.

Michael Harkov said...

It is quite telling that they are able and willing and to take "direct action" but are absolutley unable and unwilling to accept "direct consequences" for their own "direct actions".

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Japanese fishing practices. However attempting to disable another ship in those waters by fouling its propellers with a rope, or running into it is a act of piracy IMO. The Japanese would be justified in defending themselves vigorously in those circumstances. There are consequences to attacking others.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Just shoot them as pirates.

Gary said...

Pirates! Precisely! Sink them! Sail away!

maryT said...

I remember when this group unveiled this ship, and at that time I wondered it they had stolen the plans for the batmobile.
And gee, the Japanese ignored their SOS.
Is this what all those who donate money to this group want, murder on the highseas.
Why do they think it was ok to try and disable that whaling ship, but cry like babies when the opposite happens.

Marcus Aurelius said...

Thanks for your blog entry. Sea Shepherd and other groups like it use reprehensible and irresponsible tactics because most people don't agree with them.


Neo Conservative said...

"nonny mouse wails... No problem with whaling or Japanese fishing practices?"

how about you, nonny? no problem with taking the law into your own hands?

does this mean you're okay with me slanging a baseball bat across the local crack dealer's patellas?

and babycakes... that's not a rhetorical question.


Anonymous said...

I have a bass boat - I am a fearsome fish-slayer.

I click my Print button - I am a fearsome Tree-slayer.

So sick of seeing brainless chicks on Hulu hyperventilating about sharks and turtles.

OK, I'll compromise. I'll catch my sea turtles with barbless hooks OK? Otherwise heed: http://weblog.greenpeace.org/climate/2010/04/will_the_real_climategate_plea_1.html

Scottie said...

If they think losing $2M is worth it to save one whale, then why not simply pay the whalers the cash equivalent for their hunting quota? Greenpeace goes broke, whales are saved, Japanese fishing hands have a soft life; everybody wins! At least we've established how valuable in monetary terms a whale is to these bozos.