19 January 2010

The Divine Right of Kings

C'mon... we all know President McDreamy is supposed to automatically get whatever he wants...

The President was not happy about the situation in which Ms. Coakley finds herself. “He was both surprised and frustrated,” Mr. Gibbs said.

“Angry?” one reporter asked. “Not pleased,” Mr. Gibbs replied.
Are you allowed to have tantrums in Camelot?


RELATED: It's raining payback
In a perfect political storm, Scott Brown became the first Republican to win a Massachusetts senate seat since 1972.

The result is one of the biggest post-war shocks and given the fact the Democrats lost their supermajority, probably the most momentous.
Yee-ouch... that's gonna leave a mark.


LAST WORD: Eyes on the prize
"So in the most liberal of liberal states, in a race for the Senate seat held for two generations by a Kennedy, the voters were asked if they wanted to kill President Barack Obama's cherished health care reform package."


jwkozak91 said...

"A 10.0 political earthquake shook Boston this evening at about 9:30 ET". Did you feel it, Neo?

Some are saying "President McDreamy" will charge ahead with GovernmentCare anyway. That's either betting all on red, or Saddam in the "spider hole". You make the call.

Rich said...

The clown-car rabble in Washington (with the big-O channeling Lenin) will revert to denial and will NOT get the message.
They are all of the same ilk as those who said the emporer was wearing fine new clothes.
To mix allusions, "it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall."

Anon1152 said...

Have you ever seen Obama get angry?

maryT said...

Health care was Ted Kennedy's passion for years, in fact some had urged the bill to be passed in his memory. How ironic that his replacement will be the vote to kill it.
Can't wait to see how Rush covers this.

Neo Conservative said...

so there goes prince ted kennedy's 46 year reign.

hey, it's a start.


Rich said...

On a related note, The big O's nomination for Transport Safety Administration head has "withdrawn his name"....seems he remembered a forgotten incident when he used official computers to access info on his wife's boyfriend.
Link here-
What is needed is a review of the history of all O's czars and appointees. Any sane person would ask "what the hell is this guy doing bringing radicals, commies, fringe groupies and weirdos in as advisors or appointees?"

maryT said...

Mary-Jo is finally smiling.
And still waiting for Rush and Beck. It will be a hoot.

maryT said...

Several references to Mary Jo today, even on Rush. As she has been dead for years, is she one of the dead still on the voting lists in Mass. I am not the only one asking that question. Problem is, Senator Brown come out of nowhere in the last two weeks, so Acorn and pals, and the dem machine had no time to organize.
I don't hate anyone, just oppose a lot of liberal policies.

Rich said...

The Dems do not get why they lost this seat; sure healthcare was part of it but fiscal issues were in the mix too.
Stuff like this, just reported today.
"Democrats propose $1.9T increase in debt limit."

maryT said...

Have you noticed how Rush refers to MSNBC-messnbs.